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Everyone needs a safe space to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Therapy provides a place where you can challenge yourself and overcome the mental roadblocks on your journey towards wellness.


Located in the heart of Roslindale Square, Village Healing & Wellness, LLC is a private therapy office accessible by public transportation, private transportation, or even via tele-health for those who prefer to meet virtually! 


Our Healing & Wellness Space


Patsy Jean-Pierre, LICSW 


I am an individual therapist with over a decade of experience providing direct service care and clinical supervision to front line health care workers. I became a social worker because I was called to support people through difficult times in their life, no matter what that difficulty might be. In my years of practice, I have provided care to people experiencing homelessness, suffering from substance use disorder, living with chronic health conditions, experiencing psychiatric crisis, and returning home from incarceration. I have experience working with adults with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and recovery from substance use disorder.


Life can be really tough on us as individuals, and I am a believer in multifaceted community treatment. I use a strength’s based, whole person approach to provide individualized treatment to truly meet client’s where they are on their road to wellness. Some of the modalities that I use in session include motivational interviewing, harm reduction and cognitive behavioral therapy. 


In addition to individual therapy, I provide both clinical supervision and professional development trainings to front line health care workers. Through the Covid-19 pandemic, worker burn-out was at an all-time high. Having access to quality clinical supervision and support is necessary for all of us, and I am dedicated to providing such care. 


I received my Master’s in Social Work at Columbia University, and Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Providence College. I have a certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from Boston University. 


I truly believe it takes a village to get through life’s twists and turns, and I’d be honored to be a part of yours. 


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